Live wind updates for more than 20,000 spots worldwide

Hoe de world wind meter werkt.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi.

2. Choose your favorite sailing area, kitesurfing spot or water sports destination.

3. WindsUpp sends updates with wind speed, wind direction and wind gusts from the nearest weather station every 5 to 10 minutes.

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At home for sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers

With a combination of a modern and retro look, the World Wind Meter is a beautiful addition to any interior. Whether you are at home, in a cozy beach club, or at a lively water sports club.

An Innovation from the Netherlands

WindsUpp was founded by Dutch kite surfers and sailors with a passion for weather, wind and technology.

Our products are designed, developed and produced in detail by us in the Netherlands. We want products to last for years and choose strong and sustainable materials including recycled plastic, bamboo and aluminum.

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